Cheap Flights Montreal to Sao Paulo Starting $758.00 Rio from $910.00

Extra Extra Read all About it! If you live in Montreal and have always dreamed about visiting Brazil, then we have a deal for you. Cheap flights Montreal to Sao Paulo are available most days in April, May, and June of 2015. So if you are ready to explore the culture, food, and nature of Brazil, then read on because we have the details you need to make your next trip to Brazil truly wonderful! Also below the fold are details on another good deal – flights to RIO from $910.00.

Dates: More than 20 departure dates in each of April, May, and June

Price: $758 – $788 depending on the day.

Airline: American Airlines

Depart from: Montreal

Arrive: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cheap Flights Montreal

So you want to go to Rio? Well there are two ways you can do this you can jump a flight on a local LLC from the Sao Paulo deal. This is probably frankly the cheapest way. However… We know many of you will pay a bit extra to go directly where you want to end up… Suffice to Say flights to Rio de Janeiro start at around $910.00 during this period, which is frankly still marvellous.

Dates: More than 20 dates in each of April, May and June

Airline: United

Prices: Start at $910.00

Depart: Montreal

Arrive: Rio De Janeiro

Cheap Flights Montreal