St. John’s All Inclusive Package – $691.00 RT Taxes In

Over the past couple of weeks we thought long and hard about this – what would we do about great package deals we found? Well we decided we’ll post them too under their own category, so look up way up next to the deals tab to find our daily package deal. Most of our deals will be from a Canadian/North Eastern USA city, so be sure to share and like, and let your friends in on the action. But where to start? Well with St. John’s of course. More after the fold.

Dates: 1st 3 Wednesdays in April

Destination: Puerto Plata, DR

Cost: $681.00 (Actually less the second week)

Airline: Air Transat

Includes: Air, Taxes, and Hotel with all meals and drinks (All inclusive!)

Stars: 3.5

Stealth Tips: Book as soon as possible as this deal is just too good to last – A┬áSt. John’s All Inclusive Package is a great way to enjoy a week away complete with a non stop flight. The package is based on double occupancy so grab your boyfriend, or girlfriend and hit the road for a great vacation, and if you don’t have a special someone please feel free to invite us along!

St. John's All Inclusive Package